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How to Respond in an Active Shooter Scenario

June 5, 2012

Chris Grollnek, a security consultant certified in active shooter training, offers basic advice on how to mentally prepare yourself for this increasingly common phenomena. To learn more about Chris Grollnek, his consulting services, and training opportunities for active shooter incidents, reference www.chrisgrollnek.com.

An active shooter is an individual who uses deadly physical force to harm others in a populated or confined area, and often with no regard for his own personal safety. These situations arise quickly and unexpectedly, and are usually over within 15 minutes. In order to increase your own personal preparedness for this type of incident, stay aware of your surroundings, make note of exits, and tune in to signs of possible danger.

These are the best possible actions to take in response to a shooter in your area:

1. Evacuate. If possible, leave the situation and call law enforcement for help once in a safe location.
2. Hide. If you cannot leave the premises, try to stay out of the shooter’s view without trapping yourself.
3. If necessary, try to incapacitate the shooter. As a last resort, trying to disarm the shooter may be the only option left. Act aggressively and commit to your actions to improve your chances.

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