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Sample of Consulting Contract Report Intro Summary to Customer (released with their permission and redacted at their request)

June 11, 2012

The following summary came from a physical and internet security assessment completed by CGPGMG, LLC and Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC a few weeks ago at no cost to the business because of serious mitigating factors.  One, the company has major threats daily and second, employees were not feeling safe at work.  The company also believed there was an employee working for the competition and as it turns out after several interviews, they were correct.  The company is in transition and I have redacted all identifiable information from this summary as an example of what CGPGMG, LLC (www.cgpgmg.com) and Countermeasure Consulting Group (www.countermeasureconsulting.com) can achieve on a short turn around while working in conjunction with each other.

Here is a portion of the opening summary located within the presidents and directors report.

“The risk assessment outlined demonstrates probable vulnerabilities that the director of security has outlined.  The company has positioned itself as the leader in software technology and other high-profile crime mapping solutions.  Determining the threats is critical to ensure appropriate security measures are in place. These technologies are proprietary to the company and are on the verge of conquering this portion of the industry.  The potential for hackers increases with such sensitive software developed.  Addressing every security threat in this report is not possible.  Instead, security risks associated with physical intrusion and Internet hacking assessments are analyzed.  Identifying and evaluating comprehensive threats start at both the macro and micro levels.  Including subject matter experts in physical and technical roles assist in the correct security solution.  The SWOT and STEEP analyses represent their respective qualities and provide threat estimates.  Scenario thinking values are addressed and explained.  These three evaluation procedures will benefit the company’s assessment ensuring all angles are analyzed.” – Company Information Withheld and Redacted

For more information from the 15 page report of documented suggestions and revisions, individual requests can be met on a case by case basis.  The training conducted and summary of future recommendations will not be released because of its proprietary status as the company has taken corrective action and asked to keep this portion of their report private.  If you are interested in an assessment or training quote, please contact Chris Grollnek at patti@cgpgmg.com for more information.

Thank you for reading the scope of work offered by these two corporations created to serve your needs in several facets of your unique operational needs.

A list of services offered include:

CGPGMG, LLC Consulting Services

        I.         Interview and Interrogations

II.         Consulting Legal Teams in Police Related Strategies

III.         Security and Risk Management Consulting


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