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Boot camp court-martial reignites hazing debate

July 18, 2012

Although workplace violence and active shooter prevention training in Dallas Fort Worth areas the focus of our business, this information from my beloved corps must be shared.  It is a sad day when ONE drill Instructor can bring so much negativity to the entire Drill Instructor heritage…

There are allegations about recruit abuse again at San Diego and a Drill Instructor was found guilty on two counts of “hazing” – the things he did were so stupid, it discredits the many who truly train warriors and defenders of freedom.  As a retired Marine, it pains me to know that a fellow brother from an even elite corps of individuals who “make marines” disrespected our group.  I am not sorry for the hat going to jail, I am sorry for our brotherhood and out association.  This will unite “Mothers of America and weaken our Corps…  Write your Congressman and tell then one bad D.I. is not enough to change everything about making Marines.

Thank you for allowing me to write on the topic

Chris Grollnek

P.I.D.I. 1996-1998

http://www.cgpgmg.com – Active Shooter Training Work Place Violence Prevention Consultant


Marine Corps Drill Instructor Chris Grollnek “Official Photo” circa 1996

This Platoon swept each competition - Final Drill trophy was the ONE though!!!

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