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Countermeasure Consulting Group – forward thinking to address Active-shooter and Workplace Violence Scenarios

July 23, 2012

http://www.countermeasureconsulting.com Leading Active Shooter Prevention Consultant for non police and patrons

The information and forward thinking to address counter terrorism and active shooter scenarios has been part of my mental composition for over two decades. We are one of the most committed companies in keeping your employees and guests safe in all America. Having been involved in three live fire and real time active shooter events (two as a police officer and one as a bystander with my family present while on vacation in Florida) our team of experts puts experience into action teaching self preservation methods and prevention strategies few comprehend without the actual experience of being involved in a critical incident like an active shooter. Many companies posses an academic understanding regarding the subject but few offer lessons learned from experience in actual active shooter incidents from a personal involvement standpoint and foundation. This translates to reduced risk and mitigated liability for your company and corporate strategy. Contact us anytime for a free consultation and let us help you be the prepared business should an event occur but more importantly, teach you and your employees how to reduce the risk exponentially through policy implementation and sound principles.

Chris Grollnek of McKinney Texas serves law offices and small business HR departments with workplace violence safety training and policy implementation. These services include consulting in active shooter training and risk mitigation before, during, or after a critical incident. Can you answer the following question: What would you do to if you had information of a violent situation occurring in real time right now? Are you prepared to contact each employee and what would they do? Is there a media relations team or templatee to mitigate mis-information? Family management or a notification system for employees? Keep following this site for information and seminar dates and feel free to contact us for personal consultations.

http://www.countermeasureconsulting.com Working to make your workplace the safest possible for employees and patrons while mitigating risk and providing easy lessons to have a better understanding of what to do should the unthinkable occur…

In my blog, CGPGMG, LLC provides factors to be aware of relating to emergency management from a small business perspective. <strong>Follow us on Twitter @ChrisGrollnek</strong>

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For nearly 20 years, security expert and law enforcement professional Chris Grollnek has been immersed in the study and application of protective measures in the military, police, and private sectors. As the co-founder of Frisco, Texas-based CGPGMG, LLC, Chris offers a unique set of highly specialized services to both the public and private sector(s). Chris Grollnek holds a Masters of Science degree of Administration of Justice and Security. Chris is a member of the National Honors Society, supporting his qualifications for lasting value in CGPGMG, LLC services.

Chris Grollnek enjoys a rich history of experience gained prior to honorably retiring from the McKinney Police Department in September 2011. As a former patrol supervisor and member of the Tactical Entry Team, Chris served as point man, shotgun breacher, and small unit tactics trainer for the entire department and SWAT Team. These skill sets were obtained during operational missions and search warrant executions rounding out a vivid array of talents. Chris found his niche in complex covert and overt investigative services while serving as an undercover narcotics detective. Chris a master interviewer and is certified through the Reid Method of Interview and Interrogation.

Recognized as a top security consultant, Chris has testified before sub committees of the Senate Ways and Means Committee in regards to the needs of counterterrorism training in 2002. Chris Grollnek has earned numerous military and police certifications and is an expert in his field focusing those talents in the three specialized areas of CGPGMG, LLC.

I. Interview and Interrogations
II. Consulting Legal Teams in Police Related Strategies
III. Security and Risk Management Consulting

CGPGMG, LLC is a secure consulting solutions firm providing unique services offered by the most qualified and reputable professionals available. Founded by former Police Detective and Patrol Supervisor Chris Grollnek; CGPGMG, LLC follows an innovative three-prong approach to provide services; “Review, Revise, and Implement (RR&I ©)”. Specializing in three areas of consulting provides the assurance to our clients that each situation will be dealt with discretely by the most qualified expert in the required field. The decision to focus on three target areas of consulting enables our staff to be subject matter experts in each of their respected fields. The proficiency of our services in each respected field targets the void in the marketplace few companies are qualified to attempt.

Following the founder’s medical retirement from the police force, Patricia Grollnek took over CGPGMG and continued contracting with numerous professionals her husband served with throughout his honorable career. Recognized as a “Historically Underutilized Business,” CGPGMG, LLC contracts to corporations receiving federal and state funding in exchange for their use of such businesses.

As a requirement dictated by Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements and Civil law, the growing number of companies purporting to provide security and risk management training is increasing with each violent workplace incident. The solution to selecting a company qualified for this delicate task is expertise in the field and qualified individuals with sterling reputations. CGPGMG, LLC consults in the area of work place defense strategies and training for safety to mitigate the risk and reduce liability. Topics include critical incident response of employees to focus on survival and not engaging violent offenders. Workplace violence awareness, corporate security, investigations, and risk management. CGPGMG, LLC prides itself on their expertise in civilian based response to active shooters mitigating risk unmet by other training providers.

CGPGMG, LLC maintains that the majority of the following incidents and the resulting statistics are completely preventable. Not only are they often preventable, employers have a legal obligation to protect employees from workplace violence. According to the FBI report entitled “Workplace Violence-Issues in Response”, “Businesses are under a variety of legal obligations to safeguard their employees’ well-being and security.” These obligations stem from (OSHA) requirements as well as Civil Rights law requirements. The following statistical data clearly demonstrates that violence can happen anywhere at any time.

The following Failure Event Statistics have been compiled from a number of notable sources illustrating the demand for this unique training unmet in today’s marketplace.


Violent Incidents in the Corporate Environment

According to the FBI report “Workplace Violence-Issues in Response,” “In general, the violent acts occur as workers are performing their normal tasks.”
Recent Incidents:
• Orlando, Florida -November 2009 – A suspect was arraigned on first-degree murder charges in the killing of one and the wounding of five others at a business where he once worked. 
- Former Employee
• Albuquerque, New Mexico-July 2010 – Three were killed (including the shooter) and four others were wounded by a man who was angry over a custody dispute. 
- Domestic Dispute
• St. Louis, Missouri-January 2010 – Four killed, 5 wounded -manufacturing plant 
- Current Employee
• Kennesaw, Georgia-January 2010 – Two killed, two injured-truck rental office 
- Former Employee
• Grand Rapids, Michigan-January 2011 – A woman destroys a towing office and assaults employees over a bill she received. Cost in damage was several thousand dollars. 
- Disgruntled Client

CGPGMG, LLC is prepared to provide practical solutions to common workplace security issues.

Case Examples

According to the Centers for Disease Control, citing Bureau of Labor statistics, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI):
• (CFOI) reported 11,613 workplace homicide victims between 1992 and 2006.
• 2009 (CFOI) statistics indicate that 12% of fatal work injuries were a result of homicide.
• According to (CFOI) statistics, the “assaults and violent acts” category was the only type of event to see an increase in fatal work injuries from 2008 to 2009.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:
• In 2008 there were 30 multiple-fatality workplace homicide incidents. On average, about two people died in each of these incidents.
• A breakdown of the 2008 statistics shows that:
◦ 1. Shootings accounted for 80% of all homicides.
2. Co-workers and former co-workers were the assailants in 12% of the shootings.
3. Robbers were the assailants in 40% of the shootings.
4. Nearly half of the shootings occurred in public buildings, thereby endangering bystanders.

According to NIOSH:
“Acts of violence such as physical assaults or threatening behaviors represent a significant health and safety risk to workers. The Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that around 1.7 million workers in the United States are the victims of workplace assaults, and that homicide is now the fourth leading cause of death while on the job.” (NIOSH).

* The following references were used to compile these facts:

• Bureau of Labor Statistics
• Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
• National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

• Chris Grollnek reserves the right to refuse the examination of any case without cause or explanation
• Chris Grollnek does not provide professional witness services
• Each case review requires a release and hold harmless signed and notarized by each party involved
• The mission of these services and blog is strictly for informational purposes
• The services offered are an informational tool for practicing and licensed attorneys to assess criminal cases

Leading Active Shooter Prevention Consultant for non police and patrons…


Thanks for reading,

Chris Grollnek

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