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Active Shooter Weapons of Choice in the Workplace

August 2, 2012

Out of all the workplace shootings in the nation, the following statistics demonstrate the tyoes of weapons used during violent encounters and critical incidents.

Weapons Used:
• 64% Handgun
• 7% Rifle
• 13% Assault weapon
• 12% Shotgun
• 3% Knife
• 1% Other

Can you answer the following question? Knowing handgun’s are the most prevalent weapons used to kill, injure, harm, and cause terror in the workplace, what can you do to combat the opportunity of offends to use these weapons?

Twitter me back and let me know your thoughts #workplace #violence

I’ll post some suggestions on Monday the 6th of August. Feel free to leave your feedback here as well.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Grollnek


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