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Active Shooter Public Safety Video from Houston

August 15, 2012

<strong>What a great job they did with the grant money the received to make the video relating to an active shooter plan</strong>… Please continue visiting for updates at http://www.countermeasureconsulting.com, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC for some serious and awesome changes heading your way within the next few weeks… Watch the video and think before viewing if you are prepared enough to act and then after viewing, ask if you are more prepared following the short video…

Share this as much as you can… Everyone should have the basic training and if you can help save someone before encountering a critical incident, please do, this free video was made for just that. Keep it going and please share the link. Remember, http://www.countermeasureconsulting.com for more training available with free downloadable content coming soon…

Extremely important to be prepared. Wait for more videos and power points to continue to build on your level of preparedness for you and your family. Self preservation is on you, if you are waiting on the police to solve an critical incident, consider this: police respond approximately 6 to 15 minutes into an incident. Can you afford to wait? When seconds count, whats your plan?

Thank you again,

Chris Grollnek


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