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Countermeasure Consulting Group

After serving the United States Marine Corps with distinction for nearly a decade, Chris Grollnek joined the police force of McKinney, Texas, where he served until 2011. During this time, he was directly involved in three “active-shooter” incidents — situations in which an individual with a firearm shot one or more people. As a McKinney Police detective, Chris Grollnek participated in numerous law enforcement operations, including the development of strategy and tactics for the deployment of special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams in hostage cases, execution of arrest or evidentiary warrants in high-risk situations, and cases where suspects were barricaded.

Chris Grollnek’s training and experience taught him that between the eruption of an active-shooter incident and the arrival of the first law enforcement units competent to address the situation, an average 14 minutes pass. During this highly dangerous time, Grollnek realized, trained individuals have a much higher chance of surviving the incident than untrained. He founded and leads Countermeasure Consulting Group, Inc. which trains organizations and their personnel in various techniques to prevent or mitigate such incidents.

Countermeasure first assesses a client organization’s vulnerability to an active-shooter situation and provides training on how to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Mitigation training involves making the best of a terrible situation – that is, keeping as many people alive as possible during the 14 minutes between the emergence of the situation and the arrival of law enforcement.

Countermeasure’s services extend far beyond active-shooter prevention and mitigation training. It evaluates OSHA-mandated emergency action plans and teaches client personnel how to craft such plans to meet OSHA’s requirements. When requested, it can perform internal corporate investigations as well as teach proper investigative techniques. In addition, Countermeasure provides personal-security details composed of those recently retired from such organizations as the U.S. Secret Service and the State Department’s executive-protection detail.

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