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Chris Grollnek – Executive Vice President

Following an exhausted executive search, Chris Grollnek came out of retirement to assume the role of Executive Vice President, Operations to take this one of a kind solution into the next phase and beyond. This system available today mirrors the beliefs of Chris and how to best secure the safest outcome during a critical incident.

Chris Grollnek was one of the first to present solutions to mitigate risks associated with school safety and Active Shooter Prevention as far back as 2007. These philosophies were not developed through academic research or training alone. The approach was derived from experience from inside two separate domestic active shooter incidents. Chris Grollnek is one of three people in the nation with this unique experience and perspective. The uncanny perspective from within two events is what makes him the one of the nations most sought advisors and consultants.

In 2012, the media through a series of interviews including Anderson Cooper, Joe Johns and several other national TV networks bestowed the moniker “Active Shooter Expert” on Chris. In 2002 Chris Grollnek appeared at the Hart Senate Office Building and testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on the needs for training to thwart terrorism within the Homeland. Now full circle, terroristic attacks are being masked by active shooter incidents and active shooter incidents by acts of terrorism.

Following governmental obligations in 2014, Chris retired to spend time with his family and go on the lecture circuit while occasionally teaching at the University of Texas, Dallas. Chris joined Countercepts in April 2015. Chris holds a Masters of Science degree of Administration of Justice and Security and is a member of the National Honors Society.

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