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Chris Grollnek – Executive Vice President

Following an exhausted executive search, Chris Grollnek came out of retirement to assume the role of Executive Vice President, Operations to take this one of a kind solution into the next phase and beyond. This system available today mirrors the beliefs of Chris and how to best secure the safest outcome during a critical incident.

Chris Grollnek was one of the first to present solutions to mitigate risks associated with school safety and Active Shooter Prevention as far back as 2007. These philosophies were not developed through academic research or training alone. The approach was derived from experience from inside two separate domestic active shooter incidents. Chris Grollnek is one of three people in the nation with this unique experience and perspective. The uncanny perspective from within two events is what makes him the one of the nations most sought advisors and consultants.

In 2012, the media through a series of interviews including Anderson Cooper, Joe Johns and several other national TV networks bestowed the moniker “Active Shooter Expert” on Chris. In 2002 Chris Grollnek appeared at the Hart Senate Office Building and testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on the needs for training to thwart terrorism within the Homeland. Now full circle, terroristic attacks are being masked by active shooter incidents and active shooter incidents by acts of terrorism.

Following governmental obligations in 2014, Chris retired to spend time with his family and go on the lecture circuit while occasionally teaching at the University of Texas, Dallas. Chris joined Countercepts in April 2015. Chris holds a Masters of Science degree of Administration of Justice and Security and is a member of the National Honors Society.


University of Phoenix Admissions Information

The University of Phoenix is one of the most widely acclaimed online universities in the country. Chris Grollnek recently received his master of science in administration of justice and security from the University of Phoenix. Busy individuals with active lives, such as Chris Grollnek, can find degree plans for a wide range of specialties.

Different admission requirements exist at the university, depending on the program, but standard requirements are in place for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. For these programs, applicants must have high school diplomas or GED certificates to enroll. Applicants also have to be 16 or older and citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Applicants who need financial aid can apply for numerous scholarships sponsored by the University of Phoenix. For example, the Banner Health scholarship offers full tuition to prospective students who are employees of Banner Health, and the Emerson scholarship offers full tuition to prospective students who are also Emerson employees.

Marine Expeditionary Units – Command, Ground, Aviation, and Logistics

February 6, 2014 Leave a comment

A decorated former police officer and retired United States Marine Corps noncommissioned officer, Chris Grollnek provides security consulting services through Countermeasure Consulting Group. In 1994, he served with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).

Based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) integrates air, ground, and support forces to provide a combined arms task force that can be deployed on short notice. One of seven units of its kind, the 26th MEU includes four distinct elements: command, ground combat, aviation combat, and logistics combat.

The command element, consisting of the commanding officer and a staff of about 200, exercises leadership and plans the operations of the entire unit. It includes, among others, communications, intelligence, and legal staff.

Although it consists primarily of an infantry battalion, the ground combat element, with a strength of about 1,200 soldiers and sailors, can also include tanks, artillery, and combat engineers. This element makes up the majority of the unit’s personnel.

Equipped with fixed and rotary-wing combat and transportation aircraft, the aviation combat element provides the unit with heavy lift and close air support capabilities. It includes 500 personnel serving in a variety of roles, such as pilot, traffic controller, and aviation mechanic.

With about 300 troops assigned to it, the logistics combat element ensures that the unit receives ammunition, fuel, medicine, and other essential supplies for 15 or more days even in the harshest environments. It also possesses engineering, military police, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units.

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