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After serving the United States Marine Corps with distinction for nearly a decade, Chris Grollnek joined the police force of McKinney, Texas, where he served until 2011. During this time, he was directly involved in three “active-shooter” incidents — situations in which an individual with a firearm shot one or more people. As a McKinney Police detective, Chris Grollnek participated in numerous law enforcement operations, including the development of strategy and tactics for the deployment of special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams in hostage cases, execution of arrest or evidentiary warrants in high-risk situations, and cases where suspects were barricaded.

Chris Grollnek’s training and experience taught him that between the eruption of an active-shooter incident and the arrival of the first law enforcement units competent to address the situation, an average 14 minutes pass. During this highly dangerous time, Grollnek realized, trained individuals have a much higher chance of surviving the incident than untrained. He founded and leads Countermeasure Consulting Group, Inc. which trains organizations and their personnel in various techniques to prevent or mitigate such incidents.

Countermeasure first assesses a client organization’s vulnerability to an active-shooter situation and provides training on how to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Mitigation training involves making the best of a terrible situation – that is, keeping as many people alive as possible during the 14 minutes between the emergence of the situation and the arrival of law enforcement.

Countermeasure’s services extend far beyond active-shooter prevention and mitigation training. It evaluates OSHA-mandated emergency action plans and teaches client personnel how to craft such plans to meet OSHA’s requirements. When requested, it can perform internal corporate investigations as well as teach proper investigative techniques. In addition, Countermeasure provides personal-security details composed of those recently retired from such organizations as the U.S. Secret Service and the State Department’s executive-protection detail.


Active Scenarios – “What would you have done?”

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Active Scenarios – “What would you have done?”

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Countermeasure Consulting Group Provides Security Advice and Expertise, by Chris Grollnek

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Countermeasure Consulting Group LLC is dedicated to helping people understand and respond to the threat of attacks on property and individuals. The company is a unique risk management and training firm that provides consultation services for corporations, private businesses, and other types of organizations.

The firm offers workshops in the prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery for active shooter situations (situations in which an armed individual is attempting to harm or kill others in a populated and confined space).

Countermeasure Consulting Group provides consultation services for:

– Physical security surveys.
– Policy and procedure reviews.
– Travel risk analysis.
– Internal and external investigations.
– Surveillance and counter-surveillance.
– Narcotics related investigations.

About the Author
Countermeasure Consulting Group founder, Chris Grollnek, has over 20 years of experience as a US Marine and Police Office. He is experienced in consulting victims of malicious prosecution related to narcotics and SWAT operations. Grollnek is also a member of the American Legion, NRA, Drill Instructor Association, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, Texas Municipal Police Association, McKinney Police Association, and the International Association of Undercover Officers.

New Alpha Phi Sigma Charter at UHV

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As a recently inducted member of the Eta Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, I was pleased to learn about the approval of a new chapter at the University of Houston-Victoria this past June. Being a member of the society provides a number of benefits and opportunities to students pursuing careers or further study in the field of criminal justice. Not only does it offer a way for students to work together and promote academic excellence; it also functions as a forum to hear from speakers currently working in law enforcement discussing current developments in the field.

Alpha Phi Sigma was founded at Washington State University in 1942 and was recognized as the national criminal justice honor society by the Executive Board of the Academy of Criminal Justice Societies in Dallas, Texas in 1976. As a Texan, Alpha Phi Sigma member, and law enforcement veteran, I am certain that students at the University of Houston-Victoria will benefit greatly from their involvement in the new chapter.

About the author:

Chris Grollnek earned a Master of Science with honors from the University of Phoenix in 2011. He is retired from the City of McKinney Police Department in northern Texas.

Two Fatally Shot and One Wounded Sunday Sept 30

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Another Workplace Active Shooter Incident

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Follow this link for the entire story…

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Chris Grollnek

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Active Shooter Public Safety Video from Houston

<strong>What a great job they did with the grant money the received to make the video relating to an active shooter plan</strong>… Please continue visiting for updates at, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC for some serious and awesome changes heading your way within the next few weeks… Watch the video and think before viewing if you are prepared enough to act and then after viewing, ask if you are more prepared following the short video…

Share this as much as you can… Everyone should have the basic training and if you can help save someone before encountering a critical incident, please do, this free video was made for just that. Keep it going and please share the link. Remember, for more training available with free downloadable content coming soon…

Extremely important to be prepared. Wait for more videos and power points to continue to build on your level of preparedness for you and your family. Self preservation is on you, if you are waiting on the police to solve an critical incident, consider this: police respond approximately 6 to 15 minutes into an incident. Can you afford to wait? When seconds count, whats your plan?

Thank you again,

Chris Grollnek

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